Jacksonville City Council and New Black Panther Party Approve of Hamas Operative for Human Rights Commission

Mikail Muhammad new black panther party souther regional director3

Jacksonville City Council goes with HAMAS

March 1, 2013

The meeting continued to offer spectators surprises when the Southern Regional Director for the New Black Panther Party (NBPP) Mikhail Muhammad, along with (2) uniformed Black Panther Soldiers/body guards swaggered in to speak in favor of Parvez Ahmed’s appointment.  Describing himself as a “Freedom Fighter”, the Black Panther leader spoke of his active role supporting Trayvon Martin just prior to launching into a rant about the racist white man and how he sympathized with Parvez Ahmed.

The NBPP Leader gained notoriety when he said “I don’t obey the white man’s law”during an interview on national television with Anderson Cooper. 

Muhammad’s statement goes to the heart of concerns expressed by many Jacksonville citizens in regard to Parvez Ahmed’s leadership of CAIR, an organization designated as the Palestine Committee, whose Bylaws state they must adhere to Sharia or Islamic law and not man made law or white man’s law as Mikhail Muhammad states.

Muslim Brotherhood documents have encouraged Sharia Adherent Muslims to join the political process as part of their “GRAND JIHAD” to subvert and destroy Western Civilization from within, as stated in  An Explanatory Memorandum on the General Strategic Goal for the Group in North America by Muhammad Akram.  This document was discovered during an FBI raid of the home of a Sr. Muslim Brotherhood leader Ismael Elbarasse and list CAIR’s parent organization the Islamic Association of Palestine, as well as several other mainstream Islamic Groups as friends or members of the Muslim brotherhood. Elbarasse, also founded the Dar Al Hijrah Mosque whose former Imam Anwar Awlaki was killed in a US drone strike, and current Imam Shaker Elsayyed preached a sermon last week calling for Muslims in America to Arm for JIHAD.

Councilman Robin Lumb, addressed serious concerns he had regarding Parvez Ahmed to include:

  • Parvez Ahmed’s recorded statements in favor of Anti-Blasphemy Laws in great length in 2006 and again suggested Anti-blasphemy laws should be considered in a 2012article, which Lumb said was a none starter as far as he was concerned.
  • The fact that Parvez Ahmed was the National Chairman of CAIR, at the time CAIR sued a Commercial Airline in what came to be know as the “Flying Imams” case, more importantly the passengers were named in the suit for simply following federal guidelines and reporting mysterious behavior which mimicked the behavior of the 9/11 Hijackers.  Lumb, went on to say he was curious if Parvez Ahmed condoned the actions of CAIR’s and if in his capacity of National Chairman was he powerless to influence against litigious actions against the passengers.
  • While Councilman Lumb said he believed there was no direct linkage of Dr. Ahmed and the Holy Land Foundation which was closed down for funding HAMAS, the fact that Parvez Ahmed described the legal process as illegitimate and that the defendants were prosecuted for merely providing humanitarian relief, caused him concern as that was clearly not the case.  Lumb went on to say that anyone serving on a Human Rights Commission should be able to understand and apply law.

Councilman Lumb requested that City Council Bill 2013-75, be returned to Rules for proper vetting just moments before former Council President, Richard Clark called the Bill to question.  The “Call to Question” effectively shelved any discussion prior to an up or down vote on the appointment, which passed 13-6, the same vote count as 2010.  Interestingly, three of the six votes against this nomination were from districts who replaced councilman who also voted against Parvez Ahmed in 2010.

Clay Yarborough, the Presiding Officer of the Rules Committee, had sent notice one week prior to Tuesday night’s vote that the appointments and reappointment’s would be delayed until March 4th, 2013…allowing sufficient time for another Bill introduced by Councilman Matt Schellenberg, which if approved would reduce the Human Rights Commission from 20 to 11 members, effectively make these appointments irrelevant.  However, Councilman John Cresembeni, appealed the decision in Rules Committee and garnered a 4-3 vote in favor of bring it before council as on February 26th.

A Councilperson who declined to be named said the move by Councilman Cresembeni was highly irregular and in fact, such an appeal had never occurred during their entire six years of service on the City Council.  John Cresembeni, nominated Parvez Ahmed in 2010, after receiving a substantial amount of his campaign contributions from the Islamic community to include donations from Parvez Ahmed.

Councilman Lumb, while addressing the rest of the council described the whole process as rare and unusual citing;

  • The denial of his request made to Jessica Deal of Mayor Alvin Brown’s office to have Parvez present at Rules Committee for questions.
  • Surrogates and not Parvez Ahmed appearing at the Rules Committee with printed talking points from Professor Ahmed counter concerns Lumb had expressed.
  • The fact these surrogates who found time to appear included non other than former Mayor John Delaney, the current Chief of Staff at UNF where Parvez Ahmed is a Professor of Finance, and an unnamed representative from ONEJAX.
  • The fact former Mayor John Delaney and the ONEJAX representative knew to ONLY distribut Parvez Ahmed’s talking points specifically to the four Rule Committee members who appealed the decision Clay Yarborough, whom consisted of consisted of John Cresembeni, Lori Boyer, Warren Jones, and Jim Love, which added to the dubious nature of the events surrounding this appointment.
  • A subsequent denial by the Mayor’s Office, in regard to Councilman Lumbs request for a noticed meeting with Parvez Ahmed after the Rules Committee’s almost unprecedented move to appeal the Committee Presidents decision.
  • An accusation by Parvez Ahmed in prepared remarks submitted by John Delaney and the ONEJAX representative suggesting that Councilman Lumb was sourcing his information from a “Hate Group”, in an obvious reference to ACT! for America, an accusation Councilman Lumb took exception too.

Interestingly, the Islamic Center of North East Florida, (where Parvez Ahmed once held a board position), sponsored a Gala to honor Former Mayors John Delaney, John Peyton, ONEJAX, and the Florida Times Union for all their work to help the Islamic Community.  All were fierce proponents of Parvez Ahmed, with the Florida Times Union taking great journalistic liberties promoting Mr. Ahmed, while at the same time attacking critics and failing to report on the mountains of evidence provided by the opposition in any substantive way.

The Islamic Center of North East Florida was one of over 100 Mosques/Centers subject to an undercover investigation by Dave Gaubatz, a former Counter Intelligence Specialist and the Author of Muslim Mafia.

Each of the 100 Mosques investigated were rated on specific behavior and dress of the leadership and congregation, segregation of women, if sermons taught on the inferiority of women, inequality or hatred of non-Muslims, Jews, as well as the superiority of Sharia over manmade legislation.  Gaubatz looked for radical literature to include books by Muslim Brotherhood leaders such as Sayyid Qutb or Abul Al Mawdudi, whose writing are credited with reinvigorating Islamic Movement and Jihad worldwide.

Each category was given a point value which when totaled would give a rating on Islamic Center or Mosque on a scale of 1-10, regarding three specific areas of concern; threat level, Sharia adherence, and overall potential for support of cultural or violent Jihad.  The Islamic Center of North East Florida received an overall threat assessment of 9 with the maximum being 10.  The Center rated 9 out of 10 in regard to Sharia adherence and 8 out of 10 in regard to potential to support Cultural or Violent Jihad.

Abdul Azziz, an employee of the Islamic Center of North East Florida, was recently captured on video by ACT! for America’s Jacksonville Chapter handing out radical literature and selling books by radical Muslim Brotherhood leader Abul Al Mawdudi at the Flea Market on Beach Boulevard.  Abdul said the Islamic Center has been operating the booth for just over a year.  Neighboring booth operators said that Abdul’s wife typically shows up in the morning wearing a full Burqa, sets up the booth for her husband, then sits in the car until it is time to break down the booth at the end of the day.  This behavior seems to corroborate the findings of investigator Dave Gaubatz.

The failure of Jacksonville City leaders to properly understand doctrines of Political Islam and their propensity to embrace and place Sharia adherent Islamist like Parvez Ahmed in positions of authority will propel us on our way to becoming the Dearborn of the south!